Blogging Template


Role: Designer, developer

Date: June, 2016

Objective: Build a django blogging app with attractive modern styling

I had been meaning to dive into Django for quite a while. I built this project to become better immersed in the Django Template language as well as it's many backend features.

Libraries and Frameworks:

  • Django (Python)

  • Bourbon and Neat (Sass)

  • jQuery (JavaScript)


The site is not currently active; however, you can see images and an animated gif below. Curious about the code? Contact me, and I can share a Gist on GitHub.

The UI provided an unobtrusive reading experience on blog pages. This was achieved by hiding all navigation and aiming to keep column widths optimized.

For visual aid, the SVG icons highlight in an interesting way on hover and focus.

Mobile menus and responsive design

Wade Christensen